With superior built quality, high picture resolution and advanced features, you will find in Provision-ISR IP products range all that you need for your IP based surveillance system.

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“Analogue High Definition” - The latest word in video suvellience based on coaxial cables. Compatible with all of Provision-ISR\'s Analog products.

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A full range of CCTV accessories

such as Housings, Brackets,

Video baluns, connectors, power

supplies and more...

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Provision-ISR LCD monitors

available in various versions:

7\", 9\" and 10\" monitors

with varying screen resolution.

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A full range of professional CCTV

lenses. Vari-Focal, Fix , Auto-iris,

manual-iris and more...

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HD CCTV implements SMPTE HD-SDI standards from TV broadcast technology and can transmit video at 720p or 1080p resolution over RG59 cable to a distance of at least 100 meters.

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