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Our Mission

Provision-ISR is an Israeli multinational company and one of the World’s fastest-growing CCTV Brands.

We serve more than 40 countries across five continents with branches and official exclusive distributors working as partners to promote the brand in their regions. At Provision ISR, we aim to deliver cutting-edge CCTV solutions fortified by state-of-the-art cybersecurity and advanced AI analytics that safeguard people, property, and businesses. We’re committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional support, exceeding industry standards.

Our objective is to be trusted partners driven by the passion for security, transparency, and excellence. Our goal is to make CCTV security accessible and efficient for all, promoting a safer world.

Israeli Brand

Security Arena

Since its establishment, the geopolitical tensions that have affected Israel have prompted the industry to invest in emergency and crisis management in the security arena: cyber security, intelligence, and critical infrastructure protection allowing security manufacturers like Provision-ISR to gain unparalleled expertise in their field.

High-Tech and Cyber

As a Start-Up Nation, Israel is a central hub for tech innovation, especially in cybersecurity, positioning itself as a significant player in the broader high-tech landscape. This commitment to excellence extends to Provision-ISR, as we collaborate with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., a cybersecurity leader. Today, more than ever, the security market must have protected and ready-to-use CCTV devices.


Western Business Approach

Motivated by our Israeli DNA, our approach prioritizes lasting human connections. Grounded in respect and continual evolution, we believe in forging enduring partnerships. This approach reflects our commitment to collaboration, trust, and adaptability, which are essential for success in the dynamic global market.

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Company Philosophy

Knowledge Sharing

At Provision-ISR, we believe in the power of mutual knowledge exchange as the cornerstone of professionalism. Our commitment extends to sharing vital expertise across the supply chain, ensuring a seamless transfer from manufacturer to distributor, installer, and end user. In the dynamic CCTV market, we actively engage through user-friendly tutorials and webinars, promoting a two-way exchange of insights. This dialogue allows us to adapt and improve on the ever-evolving needs of the market, making the knowledge exchange accessible and beneficial for all.

Refined Excellence

In product development, we understand that focusing on each element is paramount and our guiding principle for crafting exceptional products. Our commitment extends to a comprehensive range that precisely meets market demands.
We guarantee optimal performance through meticulous attention to each feature, ensuring adaptability to dynamic changes and continuous improvements.
“Refined Excellence” signifies our unwavering dedication to excellence, where every detail matters in creating products that truly resonate with evolving market needs.


At Provision-ISR, our ethical commitment is a principle and a daily practice.
We safeguard every participant in the supply chain, from major distributors to small installers, recognizing and respecting the unique professionalism each brings. Embodying a holistic approach, Provision-ISR views every link in the chain as integral to perfection.
Those who choose Provision-ISR do so confidently, assured by the Brand’s consistent demonstration of ethical values through actual actions, encouraging trust and reliability in every interaction.

Our Solution Ecosystem


Provision-ISR’s diverse hardware addresses various surveillance needs across markets.
Our surveillance cameras (Dome/Turret, Bullet, and PTZ) cater to commercial, residential, industrial, and governmental sectors.
They come with built-in Cybersecurity, advanced AI analytics, and dedicated hardware like LPR, Thermal, and face recognition.

Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) suit small businesses (4Ch systems) to large enterprises (128Ch devices), educational institutions, and public infrastructure applications.

The VMS platform comprises management servers, recording servers, and decoders to cater to small and large projects.
The system provides various features such as centralization of sites, monitoring rooms with video walls, people tracking, Maps, and SOP.
Provision-ISR offers a wide range of accessories, including PoE switches, HDMI accessories, PSUs, and more, making it a one-stop shop for users.
We’re committed to delivering adaptable solutions, ensuring enhanced safety and surveillance across industries.

CCTV systems are no longer just used for investigating events after they occur.
At Provision-ISR, we believe that CCTV systems should be leveraged as a proactive tool to alert us before an event occurs, using advanced AI technologies such as loitering detection, sterile area monitoring, and line crossing detection. Additionally, CCTV systems can help us improve our business operations through features such as object counting, face recognition for access control, parking lot management, and people tracking on maps, among others.

The Provision-ISR software is created by a team of highly skilled engineers at the R&D department in Kfar Sava.
They aim to provide “intelligent” and advanced solutions while keeping the user interface simple and straightforward. The software comes with advanced features such as view layout, customized dashboard design, setting AI rules, etc. These features are user-friendly and can be used by anyone, even with little knowledge.
Experience a wide range of software options to control your CCTV system efficiently.
Whether it’s the local Ossia NVR/DVR recorder interface, which features an easy-to-use menu, simplifying the installation process and saving valuable time, or the Provision Cam2 App for complete control of your CCTV system right from the palm of your hand without leaving any feature behind, and the more advanced OSSIA VMS for larger projects and control rooms that require monitoring multiple sites.

Provision-ISR’s engineers are constantly attuned to market demands and strive to develop new solutions.
We offer a range of innovative products such as color-at-night technology with hybrid lights, License Plate Recognition cameras and a parking management solution, face recognition capabilities, and thermal solutions to detect temperature changes and prevent fire.
We also have dedicated hardware for specific needs, such as the Doorbell camera, Solar camera, Auto-Tracking PTZ, Fish-Eye cameras, and more.
Provision-ISR keeps up with the international ONVIF standard to ensure our equipment can integrate seamlessly with other security product manufacturers.
We strongly encourage cooperation and integration with third-party software and regularly release new integrations to the market that work with top international or locally-based software.
All these efforts provide installers with a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Protecting your Privacy​


Provision-ISR is committed to offering products that adhere to the exacting regulations of the U.S. Department of Defence outlined in Section 889 of the NDAA.
In today’s interconnected world, where security is paramount and threats of espionage dominate, Provision-ISR guarantees product delivery that meets the highest security and regulatory requirements.


Since May 2018, the enactment of the European Privacy Regulation 2016/679, commonly referred to as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), has set the standard for safeguarding personal data.
At Provision-ISR, our unwavering commitment to compliance ensures that the information we retain as a manufacturer remains secure and private, and all our products strictly adhere to the European GDPR.

Cyber Security

Raising the bar in CCTV Cyber Security!
In an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, compromise on the cybersecurity of your CCTV is no longer an option.
In collaboration with global cybersecurity leader Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. and their integrated Quantum IoT Nano agent that provides an advanced threat prevention layer against the common attack vectors at runtime, Provision-ISR leads a revolution in the CCTV industry, ensuring unparalleled protection against emerging threats.

Stepping Stones​

Birth Year

1st international distributor

IP cameras Premiere

Sec Solution Security  Award – Italy

P2P Cloud Server Launch

US & EU Logistic Warehouses

Ossia O.S. Launch

New AI Analytics Development

VMS Platform

New Camera Design

Thermal Camera

TechWorks IoT SecurityAward

Live Cloud Update System

NDAA  compliance

Cyber Security – Check Point

The Intercom - Market Launch

Together is Power

At Provision-ISR, collaboration is at our core.
We go beyond by providing full-scale technical and marketing support, forging seamless integrations with other industry leaders.
Together, we navigate every challenge, ensuring shared success in a landscape of innovation and partnership.

Our Offices​


11 Atir Yeda Street, Kfar Sava, Israel.
Postal Code: 4464310
+972 9 741 7511


Rm 102, Building B, Fuhai Technology Industrial Park, Yongfu Road, Fuyong Town, Bao’an Disctrict, Shenzen City, China.
Postal Code: 518103
+86 755 26861420


71 Einstein Albert Street
52100 Arezzo (AR), Italy
+39 0575 382687

Our Logistic Warehouses


Rm 102, Building B, Fuhai Technology Industrial Park, Yongfu Road, Fuyong Town, Bao’an Disctrict, Shenzen City, China.
Postal Code: 518103
+86 755 26861420


ILS Cargo
11459 NW 122nd Street
Medley, Florida, USA
Postal Code: FL 33178


Harnaschdreef 12
2635 BT Den Hoorn

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