New: Metadata Event Search

Precision in surveillance is paramount. v1.13.3 introduces the metadata search option, enabling users to quickly find specific human & vehicle parameters, like a person’s shirt and or pants color or a car’s color and type. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.2.x and above.

Improved: Analytics Thumbnail Notifications

Unlock a new level of efficiency in security monitoring. Users can now preview notifications without unlocking their phone, thanks to the new push 2.0 feature. The notification message appears on the lock screen with an expandable thumbnail that displays a full image, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and

New: Loitering Notifications & Search

Is anyone hanging around in the area for no reason? Stay one step ahead with the Cam2 App. Receive immediate push notifications when someone lingers around for too long and search results in predefined areas. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.3.x and above.

New: Illegal Parking Notifications & Search

Just like in Loitering, but for Vehicles! Who needs a traffic cop when you have the Cam2 App? Receive immediate push notifications for vehicles parked in restricted areas and search results in predefined areas. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.3.x and above.

New: Audio Exception Notifications

When sounds are just not right, the new v1.13.3 is here to sort it out! Receive notifications for sound anomalies like sudden sound increases like gunshots, dog barking, people screaming, or sound decreases like heavy machinery stopping. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.3.x and above.

New: SMD Notification Support (for DVRs running v1.4.0)

After enhancing the accuracy of the motion detection capabilities in our DVRs with the FW v1.4.0, support comes in our Cam2 App. The new SMD (Smart Motion Detection) feature will send push notifications only when humans and vehicles are detected, helping reduce false & irrelevant alarms.

New: Solar-Powered IPCs Support

The power of the sun in the palm of your hand. With v1.13.3, you can add the new solar-powered cellular cameras to the Provision Cam2 App. Set & configure the power usage mode and the analytics to which you will receive push notifications like motion detection, line crossing, and sterile area with AI and the

Doorbell Brackets

Perfect fit – Perfect finish! Explore our range of brackets for the DB-320WIPN Doorbell. Easy installation, durable design, and a touch of sophistication. So, which one is the perfect fit for your home?

Solution Launch: Chime

You can ring my Bell… Ring my Bell!  Ding-dong just got an upgrade with our new Chime Box – the perfect companion to our Doorbell. Enjoy customizable tones, adjustable volume, and easy installation. Your entryway, your way!  

Provision-ISR Analytics

17 is the number of Analytics Provision-ISR has to cover all your bases. Our comprehensive suite covers every aspect of security you can imagine: • DDA1 Line Crossing with AI filter • DDA1 Sterile Area intrusion with AI filter • Camera Tampering • Face Detection • Face Recognition • Object (People/Cars) Counting • DDA2 –

Events: October Exhibition Summary Hungary / Finland / Portugal / Canada / Slovenia

“It’s a wrap on a fantastic month (October) of trade shows! Our esteemed partners represented us with enthusiasm and expertise and showcased our cutting-edge products and solutions at 5 major trade shows in Europe and Canada. A huge thank you to all involved: @MASCO Biztonságtechnikai és Nyílászáró 🇭🇺 @IBD 🇵🇹 @One-Pro 🇫🇮 @Provo Ltd. 🇨🇦

Integration: Paradox

Announcing the integration between Provision-ISR and devices with Paradox Security Systems. CA Paradox Security Systems develops and manufactures advanced security solutions worldwide for residential, industrial, and government organizations. The integration allows IL Provision-ISR DVRs/NVRs to be linked directly to an existing SWAN site to access live camera view on Paradox’s BlueEye App. Paradox & Provision-ISR