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Har HaMenuchot (mountain of rest) cemetery

Wednesday, 5 July, 2023

Har HaMenuchot (mountain of rest) cemetery – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

DDA Analytics and face recognition cameras for surveillance against vandals in cemetery grounds

“Har HaMenuchot” (mountain of rest) cemetery, the largest in Jerusalem, was opened for burial at the end of 1951 and serves all the communities in JerusalemThe necessity for 24/7 surveillance and analytics requirements like face recognition and object monitoring has led to the choice of Provision-ISR products.

Dispersed across the cemetery are 110 DDA analytics and face recognition cameras (model DI-340IPE-MVF) which aside for the obvious surveillance purposes, are used as a tool to identify “serial vandals” and passing the information to the police, 8 face recognition cameras (model BX-321FR), three of them have an upgraded lens (model 01250DCMP-3), four 24-port PoE switches (model PoES-24380GCL+2SFP), a video decoder (model DEC-0104(1U)), 4 Ossia based 32 channels, face recognition NVR (model NVR8-32800RFA(2U)), and a management server with up to 3000 channels capabilities (model OC-MS-XL(1U)) for centralizing and controlling all the devices in the cemetery grounds including eulogy hall, offices, and mausoleums.

“Har HaMenuchot” (mountain of rest) cemetery is located on the outskirts of the Giv’at Shaul neighborhood near the entrance to the city. The cemetery is divided into two: the old area and the newer one called “Mount Tamir”. The cemetery is governed by a couple of burial societies that maintain the cleanliness and care of the plots. The development of the cemetery is carried out under accessibility standards for people with disabilities and takes into account all the needs of the grieving families. To this end, access roads have been paved throughout the cemetery, providing access to most of the graves.

The burial societies approached Elazar Gwirtz owner of “Gwirtz Systems”, due to distress that has been developing over the years. The cemetery is located in a secluded place, on a mountain with no supervision throughout the day. With the high maintenance (clean, constant & stable temperature around the year), the place attracts bevies of youths that turn the place into their primary hangout. They drink, smoke bongs, vandalize, and sully as well as the homeless seeking refuge and a place to sleep. Another issue that needs to be addressed is the tombstone contractors. These contractors are required to pay a toll on every tombstone they set a foundation to, and some tend to conveniently “forget” to do so.


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Har HaMenuchot (mountain of rest) cemetery