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Italian Ambassador’s Residence

Wednesday, 5 July, 2023

Italian Ambassador’s Residence – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

Protecting the Italian Ambassador’s Residence with a system including Perimeter Security, DDA and Face Recognition

Udi Goldfarb, the owner of “Kav-ISR”, a leading company in the field of low voltage and communications, an expert and reliable integrator who’s been working with the Italian Embassy in Israel for years, was asked to update the outdated security at the ambassador’s residence. After examining the place and careful planning, Udi has created a new infrastructure that will support a state-of-the-art security system with the most advanced technologies. Udi’s extensive experience in establishing security systems led to the selection of Provision-ISR products. The new system is designed to provide perimeter security on the grounds: 16 state-of-the-art bullet cameras (model: I4-340IPE-MVF) and 5 dome cameras (model: DI-340IPE-MVF) were installed in the garden area and fences, all support DDA (detection and alert technology for object infiltration) and facial recognition. As part of the cameras’ deployment, some were installed along the fences, some were installed on trees within the ambassador’s residence grounds, and a “line crossing” definition was set that alerts in case of an intruder infiltrating the area of the house. additionally, a PTZ camera (model: Z-20IP-3(IR)) was installed at the center and right under the roof of the house facing the garden and was set to automatically focus on the area in which one of the other cameras detects motion/face – for increased security coverage. All cameras were connected by quality CAT-7 cables, connection boxes, and arms to four switches (model: PoES-08120C+2GI)And an Ossia-based NVR (model: NVR8-32800F(1U)).

In an old tranquil villa neighborhood, which extends an area of 4-6 streets near the stock exchange complex in Ramat-Gan, lies a delightful place with a Tuscan flare about it – the Italian ambassador’s house. The house used by the Italian ambassadors to Israel for 30 years was built in 1928, has 10 rooms, 9 bathrooms, and surrounded by a picturesque and vast garden of about 3000 square meters (0.3 hectares) used for many events led by Republic Day on June 2, Italy’s national holiday. Within the garden, there is a large swimming pool right next to a magnificent gazebo with a professional wood-burning stove for pizza and all of that can be found on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv.

Installed Devices
NVR8-32800F(1U) x1
Z-20IP-3(IR) x1
DI-340IPE-MVF x5
I4-340IPE-MVF x16
PoES-08120C+2GI x4
Accessories (junction boxes, brackets, cat 7 cables)

INTEGRATOR: Udi Goldfarb / Company name: Kav-ISR

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Italian Ambassador’s Residence