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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Friday, 22 March, 2024

In the vibrant heart of Jerusalem, Idan Nidam, a seasoned installer from LVS Security Solutions, implemented an innovative, cutting-edge security endeavor. Since its establishment, LVS has been a trailblazer in low-voltage systems, offering advanced security solutions, including alarm systems, access controls, security cameras, and emergency call systems.

August 2023 marks the beginning of a transformative project at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, where wildlife and technology merge. Idan leads the charge with a decade of expertise dating back to 2010. The mission is crystal clear – to minimize malfunctions and ensure a seamless experience for his clients.

The team strategically placed state-of-the-art Provision-ISR cameras across the zoo’s diverse sections, including Eye-Sight series 4MP varifocal with full analytics (DDA™️) and PTZ cameras. From elephants to giraffes, rhinos to birds, zebras to ostriches, every movement is under vigilantly protected contact (no human intervention).

Line Crossing Analytics serves as the guardian, alerting in real-time to prevent visitors from straying into restricted areas. Behind the scenes, the cameras delve into the animals’ lodgings, observing behavior and ensuring the well-being of the inhabitants.

The 16-terabyte recording systems capture every nuance, providing a comprehensive and enduring record for analysis when needed. In the control center, the team listens attentively, ensuring the animals’ well-being and making sure their voices are heard.

As the sun sets over Jerusalem, LVS Security Solutions, led by Idan Nidam, leaves an unforgettable mark on the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, a sanctuary where technology and wildlife harmonize to create an environment of safety, care, and coexistence.

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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo