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Lior Adika

Wednesday, 5 July, 2023

Lior Adika – Israel

Store, office and warehouse surveillance through IP cameras

“Lior Adika” is the cheapest skincare pharma chain-stores in Israel and offers a variety of cosmetics and toiletries from the leading companies, at affordable prices. Weighing the security requirements and surveying the branch’s area and space, the chain-store representatives together with Dudu Ben-Atar, have chosen Provision-ISR’s solutions to secure the new branch. 63 state-of-the-art IP cameras (models DAI-340IPE-28DI-340IPS-28,  DI-340IPS-MVF,  DI-320IPS-28) were installed across the store, offices, and warehouse. The cameras within the store’s area were adapted to the unique ambiance lighting, some were clustered over long camera-arms, and some were mounted at body height, especially in the Perfumes’ designated area. Alongside the cameras, 63 junction boxes (model PR-JB14IP64) were used, three 24 port PoE switches (model PoES-24380GCL+2SFP), and all are connected to an Ossia based 64 channels NVR (model NVR5-641600(2U)).

Lior Adika’s vision is to institute a renewed faith in consumers, both in terms of quality of service and the lowest possible price. The chain-store is rapidly growing, and currently completing the construction of the newest branch in “Yishparo Center” in Modi’in, Israel. To secure the new branch, the company reached out to Dudu Ben-Atar, the co-partner oכ “Miguneto Security Systems“. Miguneto was established to provide its customers with a wide range of services in the field of home security and security solutions for businesses. Miguneto was founded by Matan and Dudu, certified technicians and crafty installers whose professionalism and reliability are the keywords in the service.


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Lior Adika