New: Illegal Parking

Parking in a prohibited space? Blocking someone’s car? Not on our watch! With this new feature, you can stay informed and in control. Receive notifications when a vehicle parks where it shouldn’t. You can set up to 4 different forbidden parking spaces and pick 4-wheeled, 2- wheeled, or both!

New: Loitering

Is someone hanging around for no apparent reason? Lurking outside a bank, wandering aimlessly around a store for an hour without intending to buy anything? Want to know what they’re about? Well, say hello to the new “Loitering” feature. It allows you to get a notification whenever someone wanders around for too long in the

New: Audio Exception / Sound Anomalies

When your audio is just right, the world sounds like a symphony. Receive notifications when sound intensifies like sudden gunshots, dog barking, kids playing soccer indoors, or decreases below the acceptable volume level like machinery stopped working, or construction site noises stop abruptly during expected working hours. You can also set your preferred threshold needs,