New: Illegal Parking

Parking in a prohibited space? Blocking someone’s car? Not on our watch! Take control with our latest feature that delivers real-time sound alarms and alert notifications for unruly parking situations. You can set up to 4 different forbidden parking spaces, pick 4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, or both, and easily search for those events and use them later

New: Loitering

Is someone hanging around for no apparent reason? Lurking outside a bank, wandering aimlessly around a store for an hour without intending to buy anything? Want to know what they’re about? Well, say hello to the new Loitering Detection! It allows you to receive real-time sound alarms and alert notifications whenever someone wanders around in

New: Audio Exception

Alerts with Impact: Real-Time Sound Surveillance! From sudden gunshots to unexpected silence, receive real-time sound alarms and alert notifications when sound intensifies like gunshots, dog barking, kids playing soccer indoors, or decreases below the acceptable volume level like heavy machinery stopping working or construction site noises stopping abruptly during expected working hours. You can also

New: IPC Activation

Forget the hassle of activating IPC only through the IP manager.Now, you can do it effortlessly right from the NVR’s interface. Plus, during activation, easily set the IPC password to match the NVR’s default, Simplifying the process and making security a breeze!

Password Strength

Robust Guard: FW v1.4.10 establishes a new default: “strong” password. Previously, any password strength could be used. With FW v1.4.10, the default password requirement is “strong” If you upgrade the firmware with a medium or low password, the NVR will stay connected to the App/VMS. However, you will be prompted to change to a “strong”

New: Secured Access

QR Code? Not Today! Double Authentication puts the brakes on NVR break-ins! Before this new feature, anyone scanning the QR code or using the S/N with the right credentials could log in to the NVR using the cloud.WithSecured Access, Say goodbye to unauthorized access via the cloud. Anyone scanning the QR code is blocked, and

Improved: Analytics Thumbnail Notifications

Preview and Respond: A New Dawn in Notifications! Thanks to the new push 2.0 mechanism on the NVR, users can now preview notifications without unlocking their phones. The notification message appears on the lock screen with an expandable thumbnail that displays a full image, allowing users to respond promptly and effectively. * Requires Cam2 App

Improved: Doorbell Doorlock Support

Face the future of door entry! Until now, when the Doorbell was connected to a Face Recognition NVR, it could record as a regular camera stream with various analytics, such as face detection. The”Open the Door” trigger in the v1.4.10 FW allows the Doorbell to use the NVR’s face recognition function to open the door

Improved: LPR Camera Settings

Version 1.4.10 ushers in convenience and innovation. All LPR Camera settings are now available directly on the NVR’s interface. Configure special LPR comparison rule settings and even detect the vehicle’s direction, whether making a grand entrance or bidding a stylish exit. You read it right! The NVR now recognizes cars approaching or leaving, all while

Improved: Multiple AI Rules

The IPC’s recent update brought the magic of combined features where you could activate the Face Detection feature in multiple real-time Analytics simultaneously. Now, it’s the NVR’s time to mesmerize. The NVR now supports AI switching on your IP Cameras. Depending on your Camera’s FW ( /, your NVR’s display will showcase 3 or

New: IP Camera Cloud Upgrade

Upgrade your Game! With this new feature, NVRs will offer direct IPC FW upgrades *Will support IPC version 5.2.X(future release)

New: Dual System Support

Double the Power, Double the Confidence! Our new NVRs (with suitable hardware) are rocking a dual partition setup, where the primary partition features the Ossia OS, and the secondary stands tall as the mighty backup. Fear not the FW updates or power glitches. Our strategic setup ensures flawless performance and installer confidence like never before!