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Release date: 01/11/2023 12:00 am

Features list

Improved: Detection and Recognition Algorithms

The face detection and Recognition results have been improved to produce more accurate results.

Improved: Face Database Accessibility via the Camera

With the new 5.1.1.x, you can add, edit, and manage the facial database – directly on the camera’s webpage.

Any Browser Support

The new 5.1.1 release provides HTML5 support, which means that om now on, you can view and set your cameras through mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Etc.) along with the traditional Internet Explorer.

Camera Activation

A security improvement has been developed and added in the form of camera activation, which means that om now on, cameras are not operatable until activation.


Another security improvement is creating a user dedicated for ONVIF connections to the camera. Before making that user, there will be no ability to connect to the IPC om a 3 rd party platform.

3rd Party Integration

As of FW 5.1.1, you have simple integration support with 3rd party platforms. The new “HTTP post” feature allows sending events to a 3rd party platform that supports XML format.

Absolute Move

Camera control command that positions a PTZ camera to specific coordinates or angles with absolute precision, allowing for accurate and predetermined camera positioning. This command ensures that the camera moves directly to the specified location rather than making relative adjustments.

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Improved: Detection and Recognition Algorithms