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Object Recognition Technology

DDA™ Video Analytics is part of the Artificial Intelligence features developed by Provision-ISR.
The security industry is rapidly evolving, with Artificial Intelligence transforming how we approach security by increasing detection accuracy and reducing false alarms.

DDA 1​

Provision-ISR’s DDA™ Video Analytics uses object recognition technology (and thus advanced artificial intelligence algorithms) to differentiate between humans, two-wheeled, and four-wheeled vehicles.

Thanks to this technology, the system will only trigger alarms or push notifications when the object of interest violates the pre-set rules. This significantly reduces false alarms caused by external factors like rain, shadows, changes in lighting, moving vegetation, or passing animals.

Detect ​

DDA™ Video Analytics swiftly detects and identifies objects within the scene, enhancing surveillance accuracy and efficiency.


DDA™ Video Analytics adeptly distinguishes objects in the scene (humans and 2 or 4-wheeled vehicles), increasing surveillance precision.


DDA™ Video Analytics quickly activates an alarm system upon detecting any breach of the pre-set rule, ensuring prompt response to potential security threats.

Provision-ISR Cameras Harness the Power of AI

The Provision-ISR cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence that compares the detected object with an image database of objects
captured from different angles and movements. The AI system assesses whether the observed object moves similarly to the reference images,
has roughly the same size and proportions, and features two arms and two legs, among other characteristics. 

By combining all these factors, artificial intelligence accurately recognizes the type of object being observed, distinguishing it from other objects.




DDA™ - Line crossing​

Draw a line in the scene and designate crossing directions and permissions.
For instance, if vehicles are restricted from crossing (while humans are allowed), the system will trigger an alarm solely for vehicle crossings, not pedestrians.

DDA™ - Sterile area​

Outline an area in the scene and specify access permissions.
For instance, if vehicles are restricted from entering a site (while people are permitted), the system will only trigger an alarm for vehicle entry into the designated area. Additionally, configure whether entry or exit from the area prompts an alarm.

DDA™ - Object counting​

Position your camera at a gate entrance/exit for live monitoring.
For instance, if you monitor vehicle counts at a parking entrance, the system will track when the parking capacity reaches its maximum limit. You can ensure real-time oversight and efficient traffic flow management with precise camera placement.


From Accurate Object Recognition to Detailed Metadata Analysis

DDA 2​

With the advanced artificial intelligence embedded in Provision-ISR cameras, we’ve eliminated false alarms by accurately identifying humans, two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. Now, we take it a step further with the second-generation DDA™ Video Analytics. By having the ability to show detailed metadata analysis for each object type, we ensure unparalleled precision in surveillance, minimizing false alarms and enhancing security efficiency.

Second-generation DDA™ can analyze surveillance images more accurately. For example, this can improve the efficiency of forensic investigations by providing critical information for suspect identification and event reconstruction.


Age Estimation, Backpack, Gender, Glasses, Handbag, Hat, Mask, Lower Clothes Type & Color, Upper Clothes Type & Color, and Direction of Movement.


Brand (Mazda, Renault, Volkswagen, Etc.), Color, Model (Golf, Kangoo, Tucson, Etc.), Type (Car, SUV, Bus, Etc.), and Year.


Type (Bicycle, Electric Bicycle, Motorcycle, Tricycle).

Human Recognition​

Unlock advanced insights with our 2nd generation technology.
Discover gender, estimated age, clothing color, and more, enhancing your security arsenal.

Vehicle Recognition​

Access detailed vehicle information upon detection, including brand, type, and color, enhancing your surveillance capabilities!



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