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Taking Thermal Imaging to New Heights

Alongside the thermal imaging capabilities, we have strengthened our thermal cameras with Our Power Duo:

DDA™ Video Analytics

Provision-ISR’s DDA™ Video Analytics technology distinguishes between humans, 2-wheeled, and 4-wheeled vehicles. The analytics is on either regular or thermal image displays.

The DDA™ capabilities on the optic lens are line crossing, sterile area, object counting, and face detection. In contrast, under thermal view, only two DDA™ capabilities are possible: crossing a virtual perimeter line and invading a pre-defined sterile area. You can set up 4 areas/4 lines for the optic and thermal displays.

Smart Alert

Integrated Flash and sound act as active deterrence mechanisms (white strobe light and speaker.)

When the camera captures a DDA™ Analytics event or a temperature event, you can get, by choice, an on-site physical alert through strobe lighting, a pre-recorded message, or both.



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