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IP Technology

IP Protocol is the backbone of modern network communication, seamlessly connecting computer and Internet networks. With IP surveillance technology, experience unparalleled flexibility and reliability in streaming high-quality video across your network infrastructure. At Provision-ISR, we harness the power of IP solutions to deliver cutting-edge surveillance systems, ensuring uncompromising picture quality and robust performance for your security needs. 

IP Camera Series

Unlock Your Surveillance Potential

B-Sight 2MP - 4MP

Our B-Sight series delivers top-notch surveillance solutions and promises exceptional value for money

With superior image quality and enhanced night performance, these cameras excel in basic installations. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, they ensure longevity and reliability, making them the perfect choice for your security needs.

S-Sight 2MP - 4MP - 8MP

The Cameras on our S-Sight series redefine simplicity in surveillance, offering unrivaled image quality and enhanced night vision capabilities for seamless installations and superior performance.

The S-Sight series, powered by artificial intelligence (DDA™ Video Analytics and Face Recognition) and equipped with Check Point protection, ensures comprehensive monitoring tailored to your needs, from rainbow cameras to Motorized Varifocal options, including Anti-Vandal designs for high-security areas.

Eye-Sight 2MP - 4MP - 5MP - 8MP

Our Eye-Sight series serves security professionals, offering an extensive array of cameras crafted for optimal performance. With a focus on superior image quality, seamless connectivity, and advanced AI-driven analytics, these cameras represent the peak of surveillance technology.

Our Eye-Sight series ensures unparalleled insight and protection, from the embedded Check Point Quantum IoT Nano for advanced threat prevention to the robust DDA2 Analytics suite, including object recognition and detailed attribute analysis

With a diverse range of options and configurations, security experts can choose the perfect solution for their specific needs.

Smart-Sight 2MP - 4MP - 5MP

Our Smart-Sight Series presents a comprehensive lineup of AI Cameras engineered for diverse applications and precise surveillance needs.

Crafted with advanced technology and purpose-driven design, each camera in the Smart-Sight Series is optimized to deliver superior performance and accuracy. From innovative sensors to powerful processors, every component is carefully selected to ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Whether it’s fixed or motorized lenses, License Plate Recognition capabilities for real-time monitoring, or Thermal cameras ideal for fire detection and security surveillance, the Smart-Sight Series offers a specific solution for various scenarios.


Intelligent Auto-Tracking PTZ 2MP - 4MP

Experience unparalleled surveillance capabilities with our Intelligent Auto-Tracking PTZ series. These cameras combine ultra-fast motor speed and rugged build quality, ensuring swift response times and robust coverage for comprehensive security in any environment. 

Ideal for large-scale monitoring in parking lots, industrial sites, and convention centers, our PTZ series offers a variety of models to suit your needs. From small yet powerful PTZ cameras with extended IR distance to larger models, each camera delivers exceptional performance. With full connectivity options and compatibility with Provision-ISR’s platforms, you can count on seamless integration and complete security. Whether enhancing mobility or maximizing coverage, Provision-ISR’s Intelligent Auto-Tracking PTZ series sets the standard for precision surveillance.

NVR Series

Enhanced Control Over Your Surveillance Footage

NVR - Network Video Recorders

In standard installations – the NVR is the heart of the IP system.

Provision-ISR NVRs seamlessly integrate with IP cameras, ensuring efficient video storage and playback via network connections. From compact 4-channel models to robust systems supporting up to 128 channels, these versatile devices range from 5MP to 16MP and offer flexibility in system design, eliminating the need for direct IP camera connections and simplifying wiring. 

Offering Face Recognition and Advanced Video Analytics (DDA™), select models feature alarm inputs and Check Point Quantum IoT Nano agent for enhanced security.


PoE NVRs: Simplifying Installation
Provision-ISR PoE NVRs redefine convenience and efficiency. With built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, they streamline installation processes through a single cable, reducing wiring complexities and ensuring efficient operation.

With varied sizes and features, our NVRs cater to diverse CCTV needs for a hassle-free experience.

Ossia VMS

Empowering Surveillance Operations

VMS - Video Management System

VMS is the backbone of modern surveillance infrastructure. It allows centralized control and monitoring of multiple devices from a single platform, streamlining operations, enabling efficient incident response, and comprehensively managing security assets.

VMS - Software

Ossia VMS is an advanced and reliable Video Management Software designed to control CCTV systems seamlessly across various environments like bank branches, campuses, and industrial complexes. It offers centralized monitoringreal-time floor plans, and intelligent mapping for enhanced situational awareness.

Ideal for users managing multiple devices and users across local or remote networks, Provision-ISR’s Ossia VMS empowers efficient control of DVRs, NVRs, and IPCs from a single platform.

VMS – Dedicated Hardware

Provision-ISR delivers a winning solution to the security field with designated hardware that runs embedded Ossia VMS. This design ensures stabilitycost-effectiveness, and simplicity, allowing each device to fully dedicate itself to CCTV management and operation.

Provision-ISR’s dedicated VMS hardware lineup is purpose-built to optimize the performance of our advanced Video Management System. Our hardware range includes Management Servers, Transfer Servers, Recording Servers, Decoders, and Keyboards, meticulously designed and crafted to streamline CCTV management and operation.

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