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Harnessing License Plate Recognition: Precision at Its Best

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a pivotal technology revolutionizing various automotive-related sectors, including gate control, city surveillance, and parking lot management. Provision-ISR Smart Plate cameras harness cutting-edge image-processing technology at the heart of this transformation, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in identifying vehicles by license plates. Our advanced solutions have never been more reliable and efficient with the identification process.

Leading Industry Accuracy

Backed by over three years of dedicated research and development in License Plate Recognition Analytics, Provision-ISR technology reveals its innovation: the Smart Plate cameras. Designed to excel in diverse environmental conditions, these cutting-edge cameras tackle low-light areaschallenging angles, and non-standard characters with unparalleled efficiency.
Unlike conventional LPR systems, Provision-ISR Smart Plate cameras boast superior recognition capabilities, capturing multiple plates per second at speeds of up to 70km/h. With the ability to identify over 50 international license plates, these 2MP/4MP devices achieve a remarkable recognition rate of up to 99% in optimal conditions, setting new standards for industry accuracy.
Furthermore, our 4MP Smart Plate cameras feature enhanced Wiegand Support for seamless integration with Access Control Systems.

Key Features

Industry-leading Accuracy
(99% in optimal conditions)
More than 50 International
License Plates Supported
Ability to distinguish relevant plates
from irrelevant ones
Fast reading
(2 license plates per second)
Vehicle speed:
0-70 km/h / 43 Mp/h
Wiegand Support
(seamless Access Control systems integration)
Built-in SD Card
Excellent night performances
On-board artificial intelligence
based on deep learning algorithms

Smart Plate Cameras: Precision Beyond Expectations

Experience the Versatility in Different Environments

Application scenarios

Gate Control

Provision-ISR’s LPR technology revolutionizes security and access control for private property owners, businesses, and hotel security managers. Enhancing security protocols and streamlining the access experience for vehicle drivers, our LPR solutions ensure heightened safety and efficiency in property access.

Our gate control LPR solutions cater to diverse market segments, including road-tolling implementation and parking management. Accurately recognizing vehicle plates at parking entrances substantially benefits businesses, local authorities, and organizations such as hotels, schools, factories, and public parking lots.

Private Homes

Automated Access (residents/guests)

CCTV System Upgrade

Private & Public Parking Lots

Automated Access (company employees, hotel guests…)

CCTV System Upgrade


Automated Gate Opening enabling free flow through toll plazas

CCTV System Upgrade

Street Monitoring & City Surveillance

Smart cities are the heartbeat of today’s urban landscape.
Provision-ISR Smart Plate cameras revolutionize traffic monitoring in metropolitan areas. These cutting-edge cameras empower city authorities to swiftly identify suspicious or unauthorized vehicles navigating their jurisdictions, leveraging real-time plate reads to cross-reference against blocklists and enhance security measures.

Street Monitoring:

Vehicle Monitoring

CCTV System Upgrade

City Monitoring

Entrance/Exit Settlement Monitoring

Blocklisted vehicles Notifications

Petrol Station Security

Vehicle Monitoring

CCTV System Upgrade



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