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Ossia VMS
Empowering Surveillance Operations

VMS - Video Management System

VMS is the backbone of modern surveillance infrastructure. It allows centralized control and monitoring of multiple devices from a single platform, streamlining operations, enabling efficient incident response, and comprehensively managing security assets.

VMS - Software

Ossia VMS is an advanced and reliable Video Management Software designed for CCTV systems featuring multiple devices that need to be controlled from a single platform. With centralized monitoring capabilities across diverse environments such as bank branches, campus facilities, chain stores, or industrial complexes, operators gain at-a-glance verification of incidents and efficiently manage multiple cameras. Real-time floor plans and intelligent mapping features enhance situational awareness, enabling rapid and decisive responses to security events.

Our Ossia VMS platform is the ideal solution for users requiring PC software to monitor multiple devices or manage multiple users across local networks or geographical locations. Provision-ISR’s Ossia VMS empowers users to take control of all connected devices, including DVRs, NVRs, and IPCs, from a single, robust platform. Our Ossia VMS platform offers two tailored software versions to suit your security needs:

Highlighted Features - Software

Standard Version

OSSIA VMS Standard is your Standalone Solution for unparalleled security management.
Operating independently, OSSIA VMS Standard empowers your surveillance system with robust capabilities, seamlessly integrating with Provision-ISR’s products and leading security devices.
Experience real-time monitoring, centralized recording, and remote playback with ease.

With support for up to 256 cameras and absolutely no licensing fees, OSSIA VMS Standard is your key to effortless security.

Enterprise Version

OSSIA VMS Enterprise is your Server-Client Solution for comprehensive security management (in a server-client system, a computer needs a server to function properly.)
Operating on a robust server-client architecture, OSSIA VMS Enterprise seamlessly integrates into medium-sized surveillance systems, including parks, schools, banks, and commercial buildings.

With all the features of Provision VMS Standard and the added power of server-client functionality, OSSIA VMS Enterprise supports up to 3,000 cameras and offers unparalleled scalability and performance. Experience the next level of surveillance with our license-based platform.

Ossia VMS: comparison between standard and enterprise version

Product Features    
Deployment Standalone Client/Server
OS Support Windows, Mac** Windows, Mac(*1)**
Desktop Client Yes Yes
Web Browser Client No Yes
Mobile Client No Yes(*2)
Database Support SQLite (Integral) MySQL
Hardware Product No Yes(Server-Class products with Ossia VMS enterprise software embedded)
Virtual Machine Support Yes Yes
Encoder Device    
ONVIF Support Yes Yes
RTSP Support Yes Yes
Auto-Report Yes Yes
Auto Discovery Yes Yes
Add by domain Yes Yes
Add by serial/P2P Yes Yes
Peripheral Device    
Network Keyboard Yes Yes
Decoder/TV Wall Yes Yes
Intelligent Analysis    
Behavior Analysis Device Yes Yes
License Plate Recognition Device No Yes
LPR Monitoring No Yes
Face Surveillance Yes Yes
Face Greeting No Yes
Face Attendance No Yes
People Counting Yes Yes
Easy-Check Support No Yes
System Capacity    
Cameras Per System 256 10000
Max Clients N/A Unlimited(*3)
Google Map Yes Yes
Picture Map Yes Yes
Hierarchical Map Yes Yes
Recording & Storage    
Schedule Recording Yes Yes
Alarm Recording Yes Yes
External Storage Yes(*4) Yes(*5)
RAID Support No Yes(*6)
Users and Groups    
Users and Groups Yes Yes
Audit Log Yes Yes
Integration Tools    
RTSP Streaming No Yes
RTMP Streaming No Yes
HLS Streaming No Yes
*1 Client only, *2 iOS and Android, *3 Unlimited in theory – Such numbers cannot be tested practically, *4 Network Storage Mapping, *5 Storage Servers, *6 Dedicated Storage Server HW only – **Future Development    

Ossia VMS: Servers

Applicable using latest FW 2.1.3
Ossia VMS
Ossia VMS
Ossia VMS
Ossia VMS
Ossia VMS
Max Channels Permitted25625651210000*10000*
Default channels25625651232512
Max Device Count2566430032512
Number of 3rd party channels16321281664
Number of 3rd party devices16321281664
Media Transfer Server Support OC-MS-XL(1U)XXXVV
Storage Server Support OC-RS-16(3U)XXXVV
Decoder Support DEC-0104(1U)VVVVV
License TypeFixFixFixFlexibleFlexible
Differences in FEATURES
between standard and professional
– Enterprise can be found here –

VMS – Dedicated Hardware

Provision-ISR has developed an innovative solution for the security industry, offering customized hardware designed to run embedded Ossia VMS. This unique design ensures stabilityaffordability, and ease of use, allowing each device to focus entirely on CCTV management and operation. 

Provision-ISR’s dedicated VMS hardware lineup is specially built to optimize the performance of our advanced Video Management System. Our hardware range is carefully crafted to simplify CCTV management and operation, providing users with a seamless experience.

Why to Choose OSSIA VMS Dedicated Hardware


Provision-ISR’s products are pieces of one puzzle that fits perfectly together.


The dedicated VMS hardware are planned, designed and built by Provision-ISR.  

Their sole purpose is to run the OSSIA VMS software dedicating 100% of the system resources to this task.


Time is money! When using Provision-ISR’s dedicated VMS hardware the system is being deployed pre-installed and ready to use. Just power it on.


Provision-ISR hardware runs an embedded OSSIA VMS, therefore an operator can only perform tasks related to the CCTV cameras and system.


Using Provision-ISR dedicated hardware will save $$$ on the total cost of the project


Whether you experience problems with the  hardware, software or any general help is needed, you will have only one place to contact: Provision-ISR!

Management Servers

Ossia VMS management servers redefine surveillance infrastructure with unparalleled reliability and performance. 

Our dedicated hardware, including the OC-MSCL-S(DT)-V2, OC-MS-M(1U), and OC-MS-XL(1U), are meticulously crafted to handle the most demanding tasks. Our management servers offer unmatched scalability and functionality with features like support for up to 3,000 channels, embedded Ossia VMS, full web interface, AI analytics, and seamless integration with storage servers. 

Designed for small to large-scale security systems, Provision-ISR’s management servers ensure stability, cost efficiency, and simplicity in CCTV management and operations.

Check out Management Servers

Transfer Servers

Provision-ISR’s Transfer servers ensure efficient video transmission in surveillance networks, expanding bandwidth and providing routing flexibility. 

The high-performance OC-TS(1U) server optimizes video delivery and network performance with load balancing and multicast streaming capabilities. 

Each Transfer server adds 800Mbps to the total bandwidth, empowering surveillance systems with enhanced capabilities and seamless operation.

Recording Servers

Provision-ISR’s OC-RS-16(3U) Recording Server embodies stability, reliability, and capacity.
Featuring 16 Hot-Swap HDD trays, RAID capabilities, dual Ethernet, and a power supply, it’s meticulously designed to store massive data securely and redundantly. Increased data capacity, RAID5 redundancy, and hot-swap trays ensure seamless data management and protection.

The Recording Server is the backbone of surveillance data storage, facilitating extensive playback history and ensuring data integrity against disk faults and errors. Its dual PSU for backup guarantees uninterrupted operation, making it indispensable for demanding surveillance environments.

Check out VMS Storage Servers


The DEC-0104(1U) Decoder by Provision-ISR is the pinnacle of control room efficiency. With 1 HDMI input and 4 HDMI outputs, it supports up to 144 channels for a comprehensive surveillance experience. Its dynamic window configuration allows users to customize views for live monitoring, playback, and alarm management, ensuring seamless operation in demanding environments.

Check out Decoder


Unlock the power of seamless surveillance management with the IP-KEY02 V2 keyboard from Provision-ISR. Designed as more than just an accessory, it is the cornerstone of control rooms and surveillance centers, offering unparalleled command over numerous decoders and IP PTZ cameras. With intuitive layout controls and total movement command, it ensures precise monitoring and swift response to evolving security scenarios, making it an indispensable tool for comprehensive surveillance solutions.

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OSSIA VMS Standard Version (Windows)

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Pc hardware requirements

For the enterprise version, please contact your local distributor.

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