Password Recovery Procedure

Did you forget your password, but you need to access your device as soon as possible?
Just follow these simple steps.


In the login panel click on the Restore password button to open the recovery password wizard.


The simplest way to recover your password is to answer the security question.
This is a question to which only you should know the correct answer and you should have set it at the first startup.


If for any reason you do not remember or no longer have access to your security question answer, click on the dynamic password tab.
Take a screenshot of this page or take note of the informations on it:

  • – Device Model
  • – MAC Address
  • – Current Time

DO NOT CLOSE THIS SCREEN and communicate the informations to your local distributor.
You can find the contact information of your local distributor at this page.


It is very important that you do not close this screen, since the dynamic password is based on the timestamp. Closing and reopening this screen will result in a different timestamp and the dynamic password won’t work anymore.

Just leave it open until your local support gets back to you.


When you receive the dynamic password from your local support write it in the “dynamic password” field and click “OK”. On the next and final screen you will be able to create and set a new password of your choice.