Provision CAM 2

Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices. It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras. It offers the users full control over their devices including live view, playback and settings. It is secured against unauthorized access and is user friendly and intuitive for all users.


Video Motion Detection

Provision-ISR APP allows you to choose what’s best for you! You can choose: • what kind of view you will get when you open the APP (just a specific device, a favorite group of channels, the last viewed layout).

• what happens when you open a push notification (channel live view, playback point of the event, …)
• the live view channel display mode (number or name).
• what kind of playback events will be shown (all, motion, sensors, analytics,)
• your desired view layout from 8 different view modes.
• your video stream according to your network speed.


No need to access your device interface: all can be done from the Provision Cam2 APP!

• Set your devices directly through the app with full configuration abilities as if you were actually at the installation site.
• Add faces to your face database
• Backup recorded files
• Talk and listen to through supported devices
• Activate your alarms
• P2P connection directly to the camera (no NVR needed)


Enjoy the ultimate fisheye viewing experience!

We drew inspiration from the latest gaming and smartphone technologies to offer you a unique “virtual trip”!
• Virtual reality - moving the phone in any direction will move the image accordingly!
• Virtual PTZ - zoom in/out and move inside the image for a full 360° view!
• Cylinder mode - get a 3D image and feel free to rotate and zoom the image with a swipe of a finger.


Share more by using any supported application on your smartphone!

ProvisionCam2 APP allows you to share what you want through any application installed on your smartphone such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn, Dropbox, E-mail and much more! • Share the QR code to allow your colleagues or family members to easily log-in to your device. • Share snapshots or video clips from both live view and playback. • Did you come across a problem? Share the problem log with our engineers directly through the App!

Advanced Video Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

The A.I. is based on a series of algorithms, or mathematical procedures, which work like a series of questions to compare the object seen with hundreds of thousands of stored reference images of objects in different angles, positions and movements. The A.I. asks itself if the observed object moves like the reference images, whether it is approximately the same size height relative to width, if it has the characteristic two arms and two legs, if it moves with similar speed, and if it is vertical instead of horizontal. Many other questions are possible, such as the degree to which the object is reflective, the degree to which it is steady or vibrating, and the smoothness with which it moves. Combining all of the values from the various questions, an overall ranking is derived which gives the A.I. the probability that the object is or is not a human, a vehicle or an object.

Advanced Analytics Functions

Based on smart objects recognition technology, DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS allows the system to distinguish between human beings 2-wheeled vehicles and 4-wheeled vehicles.

The system triggers alarms or sends push notifications only when the desired object is detected and by doing so reduces annoying false alarms caused by shadows, light changes, shaking trees, or animals.

DDA – Line Crossing

The user draws a line in the scene and sets both the crossing direction and crossing permissions.


If vehicles are not allowed to cross the line (but humans are) the system will generate an alarm only to the passage of a vehicle. No Alarm will be generated if a person crosses the line.

DDA – Sterile Area

The user draws an area in the scene and sets access permissions.


If vehicles are not allowed to access the area (but people are) the system will generate an alarm only when a vehicle enter the limited area.

In addition, the user can configure if entering/exiting the area will trigger an alarm.

DDA – Object Counting

The user positions the camera at a gate entrance/ exit to get a real-time entrance and exit monitoring.


If the observed vehicle counting area is set at the entrance of a parking the system will allow to

monitor when the parking reach the maximum number of vehicles allowed.

IP camera supporting DDA Analytics

The camera detects when an objectcrossesa defined line (up to four lines can bemonitored and the user can chose thecrossing direction)

IP cameras supporting Line crossing: S-SIGHT V2

The camera detects a face in the scene and sends the face snapshot to the NVR which analyses the face and compares it to the ones included in the existing database in order to recognize the person. Provision-ISR second generation of IP cameras feature great performances. An Eye Sight (V2) camera featuring face detection is able to detect up to 10 faces in 60 milliseconds while a Smart-Face camera can detect up to 30 faces.


IP camera supporting FACE DETECTION: