Color Night Vision

All the colors of the RAINBOW, All day - All night!

From Dusk Till Dawn: Rainbow Cameras Paint the Night Sky

What Color is the Night?

Step into a world of wonder with Provision-ISR’s Rainbow Cameras, where the mysteries of the night unfold in vivid colorings. Powered by advanced CNV (Color Night Vision) technology, these cameras redefine perception, revealing the hidden palette of darkness with astonishing clarity that breathes life into the night. 

Crimes such as theft, drug violations, simple assaults, robbery, or vandalism are known to be more likely to occur at night. Our Rainbow cameras can provide authorities with crucial information, such as people’s clothes or the color of their cars, guaranteeing nothing escapes your watchful eye. Designed to capture vivid details, they illuminate people and objects effortlessly, ensuring every detail is brought to light. As day transitions into night, witness the landscape transform into a canvas of vibrant colors, each detail illuminated with unparalleled precision.

Color Night Vision

Color Night Vision is a revolutionary leap forward in surveillance technology. 
Unlike traditional methods reliant on infrared illumination, Color Night Vision redefines low-light monitoring by capturing vibrantfull-color images even in the darkest environments. Utilizing advanced sensors and image processing, these cameras amplify minimal ambient light to render scenes with unprecedented clarity and detail.
This transformative technology transcends the limitations of black-and-white footage, offering security professionals a dynamic threat detection and analysis tool. With its ability to provide lifelike visual information, Color Night Vision ensures a true-to-life representation of surveillance scenes, enabling users to identify potential risks with unmatched precision.

At the forefront of modern surveillance systems, Color Night Vision celebrates a new era of security, where enhanced visibility and accuracy unite to protect what matters most.

Rainbow Realms: Diving into Colorful Surveillance

Where Color Meets Control

Hybrid LED​

Our cutting-edge Hybrid LED cameras are meticulously crafted to redefine surveillance excellence.
These state-of-the-art devices feature a unique fusion of infrared and visible-light LEDs, offering unparalleled versatility and performance.
Picture this: Hybrid LED cameras seamlessly transition between standard infrared vision and full-color image, adapting to ambient light conditions with unmatched precision. By intelligently activating visible LED lights upon detecting motion through our DDA™ Video Analytics technology, these cameras capture crystal-clear footage in vivid color, even at night.
What sets our Hybrid LED cameras apart is their dynamic control mechanism. Unlike conventional systems that rely on constant visible-light illumination, our cameras give users precise control over when the visible-light LED activates. This strategic feature enhances stealth, minimizes intrusion, and provides users unparalleled surveillance operations flexibility.
Hybrid LED cameras are engineered to detect motion when an object enters the frame, and they are not restricted to predefined areas or virtual lines. This proactive approach ensures swift response and comprehensive coverage, strengthening security efforts with unparalleled efficiency.

Night surveillance will never look the same!

The rainbow Cameras Take Center Stage in the following IP Series:


The S-Sight series stands out for its exceptional performance in low-light conditions, delivering crisp imagery that surpasses expectations. Offering unbeatable value within the Provision-ISR IP camera range, these cameras redefine affordability without compromising quality.
Equipped with cutting-edge Color Night Vision technology, S-Sight models boast super light-sensitive sensors that ensure vibrant color imaging round the clock. With options for fixed or motorized varifocal lenses in 2 and 4-MegaPixel variants, customers enjoy versatility tailored to their needs.
Choose between models featuring visible LED lights or Hybrid LED technology, ensuring seamless adaptation to any environment.
S-Sight rainbow cameras integrate advanced first-generation DDA™ Video Analytics (Detect, Distinguish, Alert), enabling precise human and vehicle recognition for enhanced security solutions.

Discover the power of S-Sight, where affordability meets unparalleled performance.


The Eye-Sight series presents a lineup of professional-grade cameras designed to elevate surveillance capabilities to new heights. Featuring advanced Color Night Vision models, these cameras embody excellence with cutting-edge technology and superior image quality. Powered by a next-generation CPU-AI, Eye-Sight cameras deliver exceptional performance and intelligence across various applications.
With a focus on versatility, the Eye-Sight series offers hybrid LED models alongside 2 and 4-megapixel options, ensuring optimal adaptability to diverse environments. Choose between fixed or varifocal lenses tailored to your specific requirements, providing flexibility without compromise.
Experience the pinnacle of surveillance innovation with Eye-Sight cameras equipped with advanced artificial intelligence features, including Face Detection and first-generation DDA™ Video Analytics (Detect, Distinguish, Alert). Eye-Sight cameras redefine security standards with unmatched precision and reliability, from object recognition to precise object counting.

Explore the future of surveillance with Eye-Sight: where intelligence meets performance.



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