Refineria Pemex Ciudad Madero

Refineria Pemex Ciudad Madero – Mexico In 2017 the CCTV system installed in one of the refineries managed by Pemex (the one located in Ciudad Madero) was replaced by a new one, consisting of: – 100 IP dome cameras 2MP fixed lens (model DI-390IPS36) – 2 thirty two channels NVRs (model NVR3-32800(2U)) – 2 eight

PV Solar Farms

PV Solar Farms – Germany / Poland A Provision-ISR IP system was installed in 10 photovoltaic solar farms located in both Germany and Poland for a total of: – 391 2MP IP bullet cameras (model I4-390IPAVF and I4-390IP5MVF) – 23 thirty two channels NVRs (model NVR5-32800-1U) – 190 PoE switches (model POES0460C+2) ABOUT PV SOLAR

Renesola PV Solar Farms

Renesola PV Solar Farms – Poland The 2018 project consisted of the video surveillance of 74 PV solar farms located in both Poland and Hungary. The 870 IP cameras selected (model I5PT-390IPX10-P and model I5PT-390IPX4-P) feature 2 MP resolution and Optical Zoom x10 or X4. 192 addittional PV solar farms will be monitored by Provision-ISR

PV Farms

PV Farms – Poland (NEW PROJECT) Surveillance of more than 100 photovoltaic farms across Poland The photovoltaic (PV) farm project is designed to supply power to the electricity grid. The project includes over 100 locations all over the country designed to boost renewable energy sources in the country and foster a transition to a low carbon emission