Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

In the vibrant heart of Jerusalem, Idan Nidam, a seasoned installer from LVS Security Solutions, implemented an innovative, cutting-edge security endeavor. Since its establishment, LVS has been a trailblazer in low-voltage systems, offering advanced security solutions, including alarm systems, access controls, security cameras, and emergency call systems. August 2023 marks the beginning of a transformative

Biblical Zoo

Biblical Zoo – Israel The installation company had to deal with a few challenges related to the very dark lighting environment on one hand and to the aquarium dazzling lighting on the other. In order to overcome the “problematic” lighting conditions, the camera needed to be able to identify faces and deal with dazzling and

FNB Stadium

FNB Stadium – South Africa The installation company landed the contract to replace 20 PTZ cameras around the entrances to the stadium: The so called: “Ring of Fire”. The goal was to monitor crowd and traffic movement at a distance of up to 1000m with close-up views of the security checkpoints and turnstiles/entrances to the

Zwolle Dinoland

Zwolle Dinoland – The Netherlands Visitor safety in a dinosaur-themed educational park The educational activity park includes an indoor and outdoor environment with playgrounds and replicas of dinosaurs. The indoor area includes a paleo lab where gemstones can be found. Everything is about dinosaurs. The park mainly focuses on children up to 14 years old.In