Globus Pharma Medical Cannabis Farm

Globus Pharma Medical Cannabis Farm – Israel The location where Provision-ISR devices will be installed is basically filled with greenhouses that need to be monitored and protected against thievery. The greenhouses are now under construction and Provision-ISR has been involved from the get-go also in piping and cabling the area. 85 IP bullet cameras (both

Tamir Nahalal Farm

Tamir Nahalal Farm – Israel Trespasser detection with DDA Analytics Cameras In 2020 the “Tamir Nahalal Farm’s owner approached Moshe Isaac, who owns “M.I. Security and Communication Systems” and together they chose Provision-ISR devices to monitor the farm 24/7. Their choice was due to the advanced video analysis functions that characterize Provision-ISR IP-V2 solutions (such as face recognition, vehicle/pedestrian detection, line-crossing,