Givat Shmuel 3-towers Building

Givat Shmuel 3-towers Building – Israel This complex in Givat Shmuel features 3 residential towers with a 4 story parking lot of 6000 meters. 25 Provision-ISR 2MP IP cameras (model I4-390IPAVF, I3-390IPA36 and DI-390IPSVF) were installed in each tower in order to monitor the main entrance of the buildings, lobbies, elevators entrances, playroom entrances and

Cerro Alto Condominium

Cerro Alto Condominium – Costa Rica The high-end compound of Cerro Alto, includes more than 300 luxury houses. This well known residencial complex was partially covered by a Provision-ISR video surveillance system featuring 75 IP cameras (model I3-331IP536, I4-331IP5VF, DAI- 331IP536 and DAI-340IP536), 5 sixteen channels NVRs (model NVR5-164001U) and 5 PTZ cameras (model Z-20IP-2IR)

Rishpon’s Security Project

Rishpon’s Security Project – Israel The project includes a full deployment of more than 150 pcs of IP and HD cameras with around 20 different recorders in the village monitoring public areas, kindergarden, city hall and challenging sites with no electrical infrastructure. The biggest challenge was to achieve the level of face & vehicle recognition