New: Smart Motion Detection (SMD)

While extreme weather conditions, leaves rustling in the wind, and animals moving throughout the scene can trigger standard motion detection, the new Smart Motion Detection (SMD) uses an advanced algorithm to differentiate humans and vehicles within a scene and send notifications only when a person or vehicle is detected, without having to set rules and

New: DDA/AI Analytics

Provision-ISR’s DVRs just gained more power with the outstanding DDA™ Video Analytics technology crossing over to analog systems. You read right! Now you can enjoy the full features of the advanced DDA analytics on your analog channel. The DVR does all the work on 1 chosen channel with choice analytics of either Line Crossing or

New: Analytics Search

Having new DDA™ capabilities mandates a practical searching method. The V1.4.0 introduces the analytics search interface to the DVR system, For effective, faster, and simpler event search.

New: Playback Object Box Display

Wondering where the virtual Line Crossing or Sterile Area is when watching the playback? Version 1.4.0 displays the Line/Sterile Area when an object crosses it, as well as the surrounding object box.

New: HDD Encryption

Leveling with the NVR series, the analog DVRs can now encrypt HDDs, providing better security when an HDD gets stolen or lost.