Improved: GDPR: File Deletion

To comply with Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we now have a File deletion feature (Admin Credentials must be provided.)

New: Burglar Alarm Linkage

From this time forth, your CCTV and Alarm systems are connected! Use your burglar alarm system to start/stop all NVR triggers automatically. Control triggers (such as recording, push notifications, sirens Etc.) with the arm/disarm function on any burglar system.

New: DDA Event Scheduling

Available now on your NVR, and not just your IP camera! You can set separate schedules for DDA events to trigger alerts at specific times only.

Improved: GDPR: Image Deletion

The new 1.4.7 version complies with the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and allows for specific image deletions (Admin Credentials must be provided.)

Improved: GDPR: Hidden Personal Information

Starting from FW v1.4.7 and under the GDPR rule, security is increased, and the NVR will hide private personal information such as license plates, e-mail addresses, face DB names, and more.

New: 3rd Party Integration

The new v1.4.7 supports simple integrations with 3 rd party platforms. The new ‘alarm server’ feature will allow you to send any events of your choice to a 3 rd party platform that supports XML format.

Alarm Output pulse

The alarm output pulse is an advanced method of verifying the alarm trigger XXXX; this is used in gate control, burglary systems, and more. The NVR is capable of sending 2 quick pulses instead of 1.