Cam2 1.13.3 Release

🙆🏻‍♂️ Brace yourselves for the next level of surveillance excellence! The Cam2 App’s new release, FW1.13.3, is here and loaded with advanced features like Analytics thumbnail notifications, Metadata Event search, and more. Redefine how you interact with your security system. #NewFWRelease #Cam2App #ProvisionISR

New: Metadata Event Search

Precision in surveillance is paramount. v1.13.3 introduces the metadata search option, enabling users to quickly find specific human & vehicle parameters, like a person’s shirt and or pants color or a car’s color and type. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.2.x and above.

Improved: Analytics Thumbnail Notifications

Unlock a new level of efficiency in security monitoring. Users can now preview notifications without unlocking their phone, thanks to the new push 2.0 feature. The notification message appears on the lock screen with an expandable thumbnail that displays a full image, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and

New: Illegal Parking Notifications & Search

Just like in Loitering, but for Vehicles! Who needs a traffic cop when you have the Cam2 App? Receive immediate push notifications for vehicles parked in restricted areas and search results in predefined areas. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.3.x and above.

New: Audio Exception Notifications

When sounds are just not right, the new v1.13.3 is here to sort it out! Receive notifications for sound anomalies like sudden sound increases like gunshots, dog barking, people screaming, or sound decreases like heavy machinery stopping. * Requires NVR FW 1.4.9 and above + IPC FW 5.1.3.x and above.

New: Solar-Powered IPCs Support

The power of the sun in the palm of your hand. With v1.13.3, you can add the new solar-powered cellular cameras to the Provision Cam2 App. Set & configure the power usage mode and the analytics to which you will receive push notifications like motion detection, line crossing, and sterile area with AI and the

New: Account Access

Everything you need is a login away, even if it’s not your mobile phone! Account-based users can now sign in from any other phone and get all the device lists (bound or not) whenever and wherever needed.

Improved: Merged Device Lists

“Cause tonight is the night when two become one„ Until now, there were two separate lists of devices: ‘Server list’   – includes all the devices you added to the APP. ‘Bound list’    – includes all the devices you linked to your personal account. Version 1.11 unifies the two into one, including all your devices in one

New: System Arm/Disarm (Burglar Alarm Linkage)

On October 2022, we introduced the NVR firmware release 1.4.7 with the ‘Burglar Alarm Linkage’ feature, where you can use the arm/disarm function of your burglar alarm to control the triggers of the surveillance system (recording, push notifications, sirens Etc.) With Cam 2 v1.11, it gets better! You can remotely arm/disarm your surveillance system regardless

New: Add License Plates to the Database

Picture this: you just met a prospective client scheduled to meet with you later. You want your system to automatically allow his car entry at the gate, but you’re out of the office. No worries! The new Cam 2 APP enables you to add vehicles to existing databases.

Improved: Speed Playback

You need to check the playback, but you’re in a hurry? You wish there was something to help you rush through it? With the new Cam 2 firmware version, you can speed up the playback to 16X.

Improved: Adaptive Resolution

“No need to ask; it’s a smooth operator…„ In version 1.11, This feature is enabled and automatically adjusts video quality based on network conditions to improve video streaming. This feature will make playback as smooth as possible regardless of device, location, or Internet speed.